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Sonate Xanh café

Sonate Xanh café

84 Tran Huy Lieu St., Ward 15, Phu Nhuan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (08) 62929166

In this modern rat race, everyone all needs peaceful moments to relax, suitable places for stress release after the stressful working day. Finding a place to meet that requirement is not too hard but it matters where can be a ideal place in actuality. Due to this reason, more and more specifically characteristic ones are introducduced and that does not exclude Sonate Xanh, which is not just a café but it offers comfort through the coolness of the ocean green. 

Having no need to create mysterious manner from covered corners of the shortcut, Sonate locates directly on a busy street and inspires customers via its high stone walls and airy lake on the front side. Apparently, on the surface, Sonate idea is expressed clearly by many details and how it is decorated but coming deep inside Sonate, you will thoroughly see the clever design of such place in which its owner invest much time.

That is a structure which follows the style of Meditarranean, especially Greek architecture. The front is dominated by the green lake with coral reefs and fish, surrounded by wild moss stone and potted plants going green. The walls are equipped with bulging stones which allow us to get some feelings about imposing cliffs just like those on the seacoast. In fact, the power of those natural tones of color makes Sonate fully express its majesty of the immense ocean.  

Seemingly, in here – Sanate, no division of space is recorded now that wherever you have a seat, the feeling of marine is overwhelming. You can order a seat in the outer section to fully experience the freedom. If you prefer a a little morejoyful and cozier atmosphere, then the square rooms separated by transparent glasses with youthful color of blue, red and marine-styled decorations are definitely suitable. 

Those who come here not only get interested in the shop’s design but love its name – Green Sonate at the first sight. The name is just like a piece of music lulling human soul through its offering of peacefulness which makes such a place as green as color of nature. It is likely that the owner has cleverly brought an immense airy ocean to this crowded and gaudy town, which is just like a message to marine lovers. Just try here once to see Saigon with a new sight meeting requirements of those who are looking for a shelter, an escape from the mess out there.  

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